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Find a safe place to become who you are


There are dozens of reasons why you could use a ceremony.
Find the most important reasons here;

 * You long for a Mind blowing spiritual experience.

The most famous reason is the ability to take a fast track to an incredibly deep spiritual experience

You will connect with deep self-love and experience great deep insights.

You will learn to live from your heart again.
Many people describe this experience as life changing..!

* You want to feel happy again!

The other very well-known reason is that it has now been scientifically proven that even a one-time experience of Psilocybin can mean a lot to people suffering from depression. Even 3 hospitals in the Netherlands have already started this form of anti-depression therapy. 

Microdosing would also be an option for you !

* You want to get rid of your anxiety!
Psilocybin is a great help to see where your fear is coming from and to heal quickly in a loving way.

There are many positive outcomes in studies for PTSD patients.

Microdosing would also be an option.

* You are so done with Cluster headaches and Migraines.

It is less known that psilocybin helps in 50% of cluster headaches. No other treatment has led to more success stories so far.

* Get support when in hard times !
Several studies have come out with cancer patients who experienced anxiety.

Anxiety and depression decreased significantly and acceptance increased.
But there are also many cases where people think they have healed themselves more because they came into contact with themselves more through psilocybin.

But do pease get in touch to find out if this is resonating with you.

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