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About a Group Ceremony 

(Update for another little group ceremony

in Amsterdam on Thursday 22th June.

Read here )

We see a Psilocybin ceremony as working with plant medicine for your soul: 

a plant medicine that will uncover and recover unconscious patterns in your mind and body in the deepest and most profound way.

To reconnect with your purpose, your deepest core of your being, your self-love.

To get in touch again with your meaning of life.

Research shows that a well guided Psilocybin ceremony can be incredible beneficial to the quality of your life.  It can be an amazing key to personal growth and development.

Many people who have experienced a Psilocybin ceremony even describe it as one of the most important moments in their lives. 


Upcoming retreat days will be a guided group ceremony,

 at the gorgeous Spiritual Center Avalon at Schoorl, about 50 minutes from Amsterdam.


What could you expect ?


We will have a unique Psilocybin ceremony, think of a Shamanistic Ritual, Customized measured medicine, Writing assignments and the group integration talk where a lot of magic will happen as well.





This price includes a full day retreat, a psilocybin ceremony as well as a beautiful dinner after the ceremony. 

The number of available spots is limited so don't wait to long before requesting more information or booking. 

Upcoming day ceremonies ;

* We will soon publish new dates here. 

Would you like to connect first for more information - Click here.

When you are interested in another tiny group ceremony in Amsterdam Thursday 22th June - Click here 

When you are looking for a privat one-on-one or duo ceremony Amsterdam  - Click here

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