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When you think of a ceremony, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the actual consumption of the plant medicine.  Of course, this is an essential part of the process but really, there is much more to it.
Let me explain…


Before you actually come over for a ceremony you and I will have contact via phone or video call to get acquainted with one another. 
More importantly, together we will explore whether or not a psilocybin ceremony is the right thing for you at this moment in your life, both medically and emotionally. 
Just like with common western medicine, your personal condition should be taken into consideration prior to treatment.


Next, we will clarify your motivation to do a ceremony. Is it because you are interested in trying psychedelics?
Do you wish to get in touch with your spiritual side? Are you looking for clarity on an important matter that has been keeping you awake for some time now? Or do you feel it is time to heal a trauma from the past?
All answers and many more are possible. I encourage you to think about why you think plant medicine is the right thing for you before our first contact.


​Whatever may drive you, it doesn’t actually tell us anything about the journey you are about to experience.
In fact, the topics we discuss during the intake may not even pop up during the ceremony.
Still, it is important to me to know what might rear its head in the midst of your journey so I can prepare and guide you in the best possible way.


Ceremony Day


On the day of the ceremony it is important to have a good and healthy breakfast and not eat after that. In case you join for an evening session your lunch would be your last big meal. Psilocybine is best to be taken on an empty stomach in order to get the dosage just right.


Upon arrival, you will find yourself a safe, welcoming and comfortable space prepared for you. Tea will be served and there will be plenty of time for you and possible others in the room to get comfy and relaxed.With some gentle breathing exercises I will help you to become fully present in the moment.


To round off the preparation we take a carefully weighed quantity of mushrooms. 
Just before consumption, everyone including me will set an intention to guide us on our journey.


First sensations​

During the first phase of the Ceremony we will lay down and go into meditation. Slowly but surely you will feel the plant medicine start to do its work. You may experience a tingling in your arms and legs or a light dizziness. 

All of this is normal.


We will be accompanied by soothing music and in case there might be anything you need, I am there to provide it to you. Even with your eyes closed, you will notice bright, magnificent colour patterns starting to pop up. Your journey now has officially begun…


Psilocybin at work​

Guided by the music, you will slowly feel yourself glide into the second phase of the ceremony. All kinds of images and feelings start to arise. Some of them might be related to the present, others to your past. Possibly, you will start to travel through different time dimensions and even experience past or future lives.Imagine yourself consciously dreaming and only you can grasp the true meaning of the dream.

At the peak of the ceremony, the spirit of the Holy Mushroom will show you all you need to know about yourself. 

It might be a completely new insight or something that you deep down have always known but just forgotten about when life happened. The teachings of the medicine bring you to a much deeper level of consciousness and self-understanding than speaking to a therapist ever will. By making you see yourself from the inside out, it gives you the power to heal yourself.


Key in all this is to trust the medicine and surrender to the process. 

I will be there to guard and comfort you along the way.

Meditatie in Forest
Blije meid


The third phase of the ceremony is the phase of peace and calmness. Bit by bit the hallucinogenic effects of the medicine will fade out and you will experience the world around you getting back to normal. During the descend out of your journey you will re-enter the meditative state in which we started the ceremony.


After a while I will encourage you to write down the essence of your experiences from the last couple of hours. By immediately transferring your inner voyage onto paper you will be able to look back and reflects on it at a later moment. Meanwhile I will prepare some wholesome food for you to eat whenever you’re ready. 


​Four hours after taking the Magic Mushroom most of the effects will have worn off. And after six hours it will be out of your system completely. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a cab home or to arrange to be picked up by a loved one. You might not be very sociable after the ceremony because you are still mostly tuned in to your deep inner being.

Golden Chakra


Many people report a state of bliss and clarity after the ceremony. Most likely the spirit of the Holy Mushroom has lifted your energy level. Be aware though that everyone experiences plant medicine differently so try to avoid comparing your journey to that of others.


It may happen that you feel emotions you have never felt before and don’t know the meaning of straight away.

That is ok. Sometimes our emotions come from so deep within that they first need to be given free rein, for them to just spill out. In the two weeks following things probably will fall into place for you.

It is important to understand that energetically the ceremony can continue for two more weeks. The ceremony might have touched upon things that you will need to process emotionally afterwards. Rest assure that whenever you feel you could use some support, you will find me on your side.

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