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About me

My name is Tjarda, born in Groningen - The Netherlands and currently living in Amsterdam.

I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual side of life. For over twenty years now, I have dedicated myself to this path and it has always felt like the most natural to me.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been able to see auras, have had a strong intuitive seeing and was able to tune in on what others felt and needed.


From an early age I actively started studying and practicing the spiritual side of life: reading a book of the Dalai Lama at 10, going to Satsangs at 13,

learning Reiki and NLP at 14. 

From the age of 16 I worked as a model, traveling the world, taking in and learning from different cultures.

At 22 I started my own successful model agency  ‘Tjarda Model Management’ 

where I naturel felt the urge to coach teenage girls to become strong and independent women and also to grow spiritual.

But of course the main event in my life was becoming a mother of the joy of my life - my gorgeous smart daughter Chloé.

My little personal Guru ;-)

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In those years I kept myself developing in the spiritual sense, I enjoyed retreats with Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and Adyashanti and learned how to teach kids yoga.

I learned AcuEnergetics, yearly attending Osho retreats where I became an Osho meditation facilitator. I started to use plant medicines as a tool in order for me to grow.

Early on I realized that I was here on earth for a reason and I’ve always used my everyday life as a learning experience for spiritual growth.

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Finding the right balance between the spiritual and the earthly are very important to me. I believe in science as much as I believe in magic.

Therefore I have started studying Social Psychology and Medical Basic knowledge , aiming to graduate mid 2021.

Merging these two sides of life, the spiritual and the earthly, is what makes my approach unique and is part of my mission as a grounded Modern Medicine Woman. 


I have had many experiences with psychedelics myself, and in guiding others in their experiences.  

I have been part of many Ayahuasca and Psilocybin ceremonies, first for my own growth and the last few years primarily in guiding others through their journeys. 

From the Ayahuasca world I moved more into the Psilocybin world, with which I resonate the most

"Tjarda Jansen" "I work with magic"

When I first started doing  this work, it felt like coming home. Like my heart is deeply connected to it and I naturally understand 100% the working of this plant medicine.

As if I have been guiding people with plant medicines for over dozens of different lifetimes. And as if my spiritual path and all the experiences I gained along the way, has led me to this point in time and space where I can guide you through a deeply spiritual experience, but also by helping you to integrate that spiritual experience into your earthly everyday lives


My role during the ceremony 

My role in a Psilocybin ceremony is one I can best describe as a motherly presence or witness. I create a safe space and window of time for you to have your own amazing experience. I will be with you as a source of unconditional love and will help you whenever you need me. I will be fully present for you, but my main focus is for you to discover your own strength and to realize how powerful, wise and self loving you actually are.

I will use my intuition and experience to see if you need a little nudge in the right direction, but ultimately I will help you to become the wise loving therapist for yourself.. I believe you coming to me, wanting to do this and whatever comes up in your journey all happens for a reason. I believe in you in this process! 

Now I know that when you take the psilocybin, fully aware of the power of it as a plant medicine, creating the right circumstances, take appropriate dosing and setting a clear intention for your trip, the spirit of the holy mushroom can transform you into your own therapist.

At its peak during a ceremony, it’s not only me guiding you on your journey but it’s the spirit showing you what you need to know about yourself. And what you maybe secretly already know but needs to remember itself again.. In a way that brings you to a much deeper level of consciousness and understanding than talking to a therapist ever will.

It is a honour to be your guide on your spiritual path leading towards wisdom, peace and and especially self-love.

I work With Magic | Truffel Therapie
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