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"I see a Psilocybin ceremony as working with plant medicine for your soul:

a plant medicine that will uncover and recover unconscious patterns in your mind and body in the deepest and most profound way. To reconnect with your purpose, your deepest core of your being, your self-love.

To get in touch again with your meaning of life."

Tjarda Jansen



Universal alignment

Somehow you ended up on my website, reading this text. 

Have you ever wondered what it was that brought you here? 

Maybe a friend of yours shared about her or his experience with plant medicine and you got interested or, you might have heard about hospitals experimenting with psilocybin treatment in the news.
What I do know is that something inside you resonated when whatever it was reached you 

and now you are here. 

The universe works in mysterious ways…


My Psilocybin experience is one of the most powerful and magical experiences of my life.

It has shown me so many life lessons that I will value for the rest of my life.

I felt very safe and guided by Tjarda throughout the whole journey -

the beautiful music, the barefoot dancing, the belly laughing - she is truly is a magician.

Diane Schaub

Ik heb een prive sessie gedaan met Tjarda. Super goed medicijn!

Enorm genoten, véél geleerd maar ook erg gelachen. 

Tjarda zet haar ceremonies in veiligheid, rust en liefde op. Iets wat je moet meemaken. Heel dankbaar voor haar liefde, zorgzaamheid, wijsheid en vooral ook de lichte humor. Aanrader !

Maria Johanna

 I was pretty anxious after an earlier bad trip in my youth, however I really wanted to try it again... In a better and more spiritual setting,

Therefore a session with Tjarda, felt great.

I knew I could trust her, that she would take care of me and that she would create a perfect setting for this unique experience. 

I immediately felt at peace, the right vibe was in the air the moment I walked through the main door.

Tjarda always guided us through different phases, always in tune with vibrations that were playing within us. As I am very receptive to sounds and music in general I found it a key part of the ceremony. The trip itself was just like walking through an imaginary castle with different rooms,  Each room had its own secrets, vibes and meanings (or lack thereof, as they were also quite expressive and not easy to grasp with traditional senses). 

A helping hand of Tjarda was always there too whenever I needed a reassuring touch.  That gave me enough confidence to fully let go, as I understood that nothing bad could happen to me and in the worst case all I had to do was to just open my eyes and ask for help.

After the ceremony I felt very light, even energized, with a húge smile on my face.  :)

Krystian M.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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